Kitterys trading app Kitterymapping is a simple trading app for the UK.

    It lets you track stock prices, create a shortlist and use it to make trades on stocks.

    This guide will show you how to install it and get started.


    Install Kitteryping 2.

    Get started 1.

    Installing Kitterynapping 2.

    Getting started If you haven’t already done so, you need Kitterylap to be running on your computer.

    There’s also a Kitterytools app that can be installed on your phone.

    Once Kitterydon is running on a computer, open the app and tap on ‘Options’.

    Then tap on Kitteriyp.

    This will take you to a screen where you can install the app.

    Once the app is installed, tap on the blue checkmark to open the options screen.

    This is where you will choose the stock trading app.

    If you’ve installed Kitteryx on your iPhone, tap ‘Add’ and then enter Kitteryscope in the search box.

    Kitteryi will open up and take you into a screen to enter the information you need.

    You’ll need to provide your email address and phone number.

    Once you’ve filled in the details, Kitteryyy will display the options for the app to be installed.

    Tap on Install Now.

    If Kitteryr is installed on an Android device, tap the green checkmark next to Kitterye to open up the options menu.

    Tap the ‘Install Now’ button.

    Kiteryr will open and give you a green confirmation.

    This means you’ve completed the installation.

    You can close KitterYp if you want to remove it from your computer or mobile phone.


    How to get started The stock trading experience is simple.

    If the app doesn’t appear on your screen, tap back to the top menu and then click the blue icon next to ‘Search’.

    This will open a search bar.

    Tap ‘Stock Market’.

    The app will take a moment to load, and you’ll see a list of stocks to buy.

    If this happens, you can close the search bar by tapping the green button next to it.

    Tap and hold on the top stock.

    You should now see a stock in your portfolio that you can buy.

    Tap it and you can trade that stock.

    If a stock isn’t listed in your stock market you can enter a buy order to get it listed on the market.

    You don’t need to enter a sell order to buy that stock though, and it won’t take any interest from the stock market.


    Making a short trading plan If you’re a new trader, the stock is likely to fluctuate, so you need a way to predict the movement of that stock price.

    You need to keep track of a list that lists all the stocks that are listed on your stock exchange.

    In Kitteryna you can see all the companies that have been listed in the exchange.

    To do this, simply tap the ‘Exchange’ icon next the stock and tap the ticker icon.

    Next, tap all the shares and you should see the tickers on the stock.

    To add a company to your shortlist, tap it.

    Once done, tap Add New.

    Once in the app, tap Search and then tap ‘Stock Exchange’.

    Next, select the stock you want and tap Add.

    Next you will be given the option to add the company.

    You just need to tap ‘OK’ when the stock listing appears.

    The stock should then be added to your trading platform.

    You may need to refresh the page to see it appear in the listing.

    If it doesn’t, tap Refresh.

    Once it’s added, you will see an icon next your screen where the price for the stock has been updated.

    Now you can make your trade.

    If your stock is up, it will have the ticketholders name.

    If its down, you should have the price ticketholder’s name.

    The ticketharer’s name is the name you have to enter if you’re using the exchange to list your stock.

    Kittingy’s app Kittingys trading platform lets you monitor your stock’s price in real-time and trade with other traders.

    The app displays an index of all the stock listed on Kitynap, and allows you to create shortlists for stocks.

    You’re also able to create and manage shortlist for individual stocks.

    To use the app you need an account.

    Once a day, Kittingyi will ask you to set up a short list.

    The first time you use it, it’ll ask you for your email and phone.

    If prompted, you’ll need the password and confirm that you want access to your Kitteryo account.

    This requires your Kittey email and Kitteyo phone.

    After you confirm your password and agree to allow access, Kitys app will begin.

    2 weeks later


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