The market has a lot of bulls, and a lot more than a little of bears.

    A big part of that bull is because of the rising popularity of tech stocks.

    But there are also a lot less than usual bulls, because of what they’ve seen over the past few months.

    Here’s what you need to know.1.

    What are the big bulls and bears?

    The market’s big bull is the “buy” market.

    The trend line on the chart above shows that the market is headed in the right direction.

    But before we get to the trend line, let’s take a look at some fundamentals first.

    The current rally has been driven by two things.

    One, tech stocks have been the top of the bubble.

    And two, the tech bubble has started to shrink.

    So what’s causing that?

    Here’s a look back at the previous bubble:In 2015, tech was a huge deal for the economy.

    But by the end of that year, it had shrunk to the point where most Americans didn’t have enough money to buy a house or buy a car.

    And it was a big part to why the stock market crashed.

    The next bubble, however, was caused by a big stock market run.

    In fact, the stock bubble was so big that it had a very similar effect to what happened to the tech boom.

    That bubble was fueled by two events: a big rise in the price of oil and a huge spike in the share price of Google.

    In other words, tech is back, but the stock boom is gone.2.

    How did the tech bust happen?

    The first bubble was caused not by tech but by other things.

    Oil prices started going down in 2015.

    The stock market was going down.

    And by the time the tech stock bubble popped, the oil price was already at a record low.

    And that was because oil prices were soaring.3.

    What’s happening to tech now?

    Google is now a billion-dollar company, with a market capitalization of $18.7 trillion.

    And the stock in Google is now trading at about 20 times earnings.

    So the tech market is back in a big way.

    And we’re talking about one of the biggest companies in the world.

    But before we look at what’s happening now, let me talk about the techs own history.

    As you might have seen in the chart below, the bubble was triggered by a tech bubble.

    But then there was a tech boom in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    And as you might imagine, that tech boom had an impact on the economy in a major way.

    So what’s going on now?

    The tech boom didn’t end up helping the economy at all.

    Rather, it led to a crash that sent the economy into recession.

    And a recession that hasn’t ended.

    But that didn’t stop the tech industry from making huge money from the crash.

    Instead, it created an incredible amount of debt for the companies that were caught in the crash and was supposed to help them recover.

    That debt is now sitting on top of companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

    But the stock prices of these companies aren’t really worth much.

    They’re all down by more than 30%.4.

    What do you need in your short-term portfolio?

    A short-short portfolio is a mix of stocks that are currently trading in a high-growth phase, and stocks that have a lot in common.

    So for example, Apple is trading at a high, and its stock price has been growing at a pretty good clip lately.

    But you don’t want to invest in Apple unless it has a positive outlook for the future.

    Here are some stocks that you might consider buying in your portfolio right now:Apple’s stock has been a little bit of a drag on the stock price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

    But that’s because Apple has been in the tech sector for a long time.

    And if you invest in companies like Google and Apple, they’re going to be even more profitable in the future than they are now.

    So you should consider investing in them right now.4.

    When should you take a long-term position?

    I don’t think we need to be in a long market downturn right now, because the tech companies are still growing.

    But right now there’s a lot going on.

    The markets are trading at high prices, and the stocks are rising.

    That means that the tech stocks are being bought by investors that are looking for a good growth story.

    In a way, these companies are making money on a very long-lived story.

    But if you are an investor looking for growth and a good long-run, you should put money into tech stocks right now and wait for the market to recover.5.

    What should I do if I need to sell a stock?

    If you’re looking to buy stock and have a short-standing position, you need a little more caution.

    So let’s say you want to buy Apple stock.

    You need to understand that Apple is still



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