There is an increasing chance of the Rocket League Worlds Championships being held at a new venue in the next two years, but what is currently being discussed is how much the competition will cost, and whether the venue will be open to the public.

    There are two different versions of the proposed Rocket League venue, one where the event will be held at the newly-built Villager Trading Hall, and another where it will be hosted at a brand new Rocket League Hall.

    The latter would allow for the public to play on a larger scale.

    As it stands, the venue is located in a different part of the city of Vincenza, with a capacity of about 4,500 players.

    A bigger venue would likely cost up to 10 times more than the current Rocket League location, while a smaller venue could cost around half as much.

    The first part of a plan is to open the venue to the community for free, with the first game being played at the existing Rocket League building in the town of Grazia, which has been home to the competition for over a year.

    The second part is to bring in more sponsors to make the venue more accessible, with one of the main sponsors, the Italian company Pernetti, offering to buy seats at the venue for €100 ($126) per seat.

    The current Rocket Leagues venue was a large venue, hosting about 30,000 players in 2016, and currently holds about 10,000 people, with more than 3,000 tickets for the tournament being sold.

    Pernettetti’s proposal is to change the venue into a smaller and more intimate space, with up to 200 seats, a smaller number of players and a better view of the action.

    The venue has already received an official sponsorship of €200 ($225) from Pernetti, and the company has also offered to pay for a “live feed” of the competition.

    Rocket League fans will be able to watch the event on Pernini’s streaming service, Rocket League Live, which is already live in the country.

    Players from around the world will compete for a prize pool of €150 ($200) in Rocket League, which will be split among all participants.

    The top six teams will earn the opportunity to attend the event at the Vincenzetti venue.

    Pernetti has already stated that it will “be a part of this fantastic event”, which will take place on February 11-12, 2017.

    The Rocket League tournaments have become a huge success, with over 2.3 million viewers tuning in to watch them last year, which topped the viewership for the entire 2017 Super Smash Bros. Melee singles tournament, which also had a huge presence in the city.



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