SEC commissioner Mike Slive on Tuesday outlined the league’s plans for the future, and he had plenty of praise for the Pac-12 for taking steps to address the issue.

    “The SEC’s plan is a good one, it’s going to take a while to get to full compliance, but the Pac 12 is going to be an even better place in five to 10 years,” Slive said on ESPN’s “First Take.”

    “I think it’s a good thing for college football.

    It’s a big business.

    We’re going to see a big economic boost in this state.”

    Slive’s comments came a day after the Pac 11 released a report on how it will address sexual harassment complaints filed against former coaches, players and team officials.

    According to the report, the Pac 10 will adopt a “zero tolerance” policy for sexual harassment, and that it will not tolerate harassment on the job.

    In a statement, the NCAA also said that the Pac 13, Pac 12 and ACC will “commit to zero tolerance for sexual violence in the workplace and will also create new and innovative systems for addressing sexual harassment.”

    The Pac-11 and Pac-10 will also adopt a zero tolerance policy for sex and gender-based harassment, the statement read.

    “We are committed to the continued safety and wellbeing of our coaches, students and members of the Pac 14 and Pac 12 athletic programs.”

    The ACC, meanwhile, announced that it would work with the Pac12 to develop a “consensus-based” plan to address issues in the league, including the sexual harassment issue.

    “In the future,” the ACC said in a statement to ESPN, “all of the ACC’s programs will work together to develop an independent, evidence-based plan that addresses the issues raised by this new report.”



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