NHL players are being treated to some fun new jerseys for next season from their new NHL Store partner, the Toronto Maple Knights.

    The NHL Store has launched a series of new jerseys and player gear for the 2017-2018 season with the goal of showcasing the best of NHL player merchandise to the masses.

    With the NHL Players Association set to vote on its new Collective Bargaining Agreement in January, NHL players will now be able to buy NHL jerseys for the first time.

    The jerseys are currently available for pre-order at the NHLStore.com and NHLShop.com.

    A total of 18 jerseys and 12 player gear pieces have been added to the collection, with jerseys ranging from the “Big Blue” to the “Sox.”

    All players have been given an “A” on the jerseys, and players can purchase new ones with their current team logos or the “NHL Team” name.

    The new collection will be available in a variety of sizes, and is available in white, blue, grey, black and red.

    The newest addition to the series is the “Black and Blue” jersey.

    This is the most affordable jersey to buy at the store and comes with a “B” for “Budget” and a “C” for Club.

    The “Stony Brook Blue” and “Pelosi” jerseys are also now available, which are both white and blue.

    The latter has the “A”, and the former has the number “2.”

    The new jerseys are available in black and white and are priced at $49.99 and $59.99.

    For players that aren’t yet on the roster, the “Blue” jersey is the next jersey to be released, and the “Munich” is a limited-edition jersey.

    The team is now offering three “M” jerseys, one in red, one white and one black, and each comes with the number 5.

    Players will be able purchase the “D” jersey for $59 and the two “M”, “S” and the three “D”, “M,” and “S.” jerseys will also be available at the hockey store.

    The Leafs will be getting two “B-grade” jerseys for $30 each, and three “A-grade”, “C-grade,” and gold jerseys for only $15 each.

    The “M-grade” and “A grade” jerseys are only available for purchase in red and gold.


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