NEW YORK—The New York Post announced Wednesday that it would publish a “bigger and more revealing” story on Hillary Clinton’s role in oil companies that she helped to bankroll.

    The article will be written by two reporters who had previously written on the Clintons and their ties to fossil fuels.

    In addition to the Times’ lead story on the Clinton Foundation, the new article will focus on how the Clinton family helped finance oil and gas exploration and development in Africa.

    “This is an important story, but one that goes far beyond a handful of stories,” Times reporter John Harris wrote in a statement announcing the plan.

    “With this publication, the Times will once again be the trusted voice in the nation’s capital and around the world about this important topic.”

    The paper did not say what it would cover in the new piece.

    “The Clinton family has a long history of being involved in energy development,” said Ben Rhodes, a deputy press secretary at the White House.

    “They were a big oil player, and they are now the world’s largest energy company.

    It’s a very, very important story.” “

    And they’ve been very clear about what their business interests are in this country.

    It’s a very, very important story.”

    The Times’ story will also examine Clinton’s relationship with two of the country’s most powerful oil companies.

    In 2012, the newspaper reported that Bill Clinton had donated $1 million to a foundation run by the oil company ConocoPhillips.

    That same year, Conoco bought a majority stake in American Petroleum Institute, the lobbying and political advocacy group of the oil and natural gas industry.

    Clinton, who as president was pushing to overhaul the countrys energy industry, has since said he has never received any money from any oil company, other than from a donation made by his foundation.

    In the past, the Clinton-controlled oil companies have denied any connection with the foundation and have called the Times story “a distortion of facts.”

    The Clinton Foundation’s financial disclosures show that it received a total of $13.5 million in donations from foreign governments and individuals, including $1.6 million from the Qatar Foundation, which Clinton had helped found.

    The Qatar Foundation’s statement said it had never received a single donation from Bill Clinton.

    “These payments were never intended to benefit the foundation,” it said.

    “We have zero knowledge that the Qatari government was paid to accept these donations.

    The Clinton-affiliated entities did not receive any such payments from Conoco or any of its partners.”

    Conoco has also denied any ties to the Clinton’s foundation.

    “While there is no evidence that the Clinton administration ever paid a single cent to the Qatar Foundation, Conoc has a longstanding history of supporting organizations that do not share the same values as the Qashqai Foundation,” Conoco spokesman Scott Bixby said in a written statement.

    “Conoco supports our partners in the oil, gas and renewable energy industries and all who promote the benefits of American energy.

    The Qashqi Foundation has always acted independently of our business interests and is fully committed to the values and mission that we have always strived to achieve.”



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