Google has launched a new online trading app that lets you trade online without having a bank account, making it easier for people to do business online without needing to go through a bank.

    The app lets users make trades with just a mobile phone number and a PIN number, rather than a traditional bank account number, and lets them transfer funds without having their credit cards tied to their accounts.

    The app also makes it simpler for people who don’t have a bank to transfer money electronically.

    “We are excited to see how the new technology can improve the lives of people all over the world, and we’re also delighted to partner with an industry leader to bring the latest online trading technology to India,” said Manish Mehta, director, product strategy, Google India.

    The company’s mobile trading app, called Earthbound Trading Academy, is available for Android and iOS and costs Rs 3,499 (around $41).

    Users can buy and sell shares in the company’s stock on its platform, which lets them trade the stock on a range of Indian exchanges.

    They can also buy or sell shares from the company on its own platform, where they can buy or rent shares for up to 24 hours.

    Google’s app also allows users to make direct purchases from a stock portfolio by using a QR code, a feature that is already available on Google Maps, Gmail and other apps.

    In the app, users can create and sell securities with a single click, and buy or receive shares in a company through a web-based platform, allowing them to buy and resell shares from other users or from outside of India.

    Users can also transfer funds from their own accounts to the company, which they can then transfer to their mobile devices or other devices to use for their own trading.

    The company also lets users transfer funds to the stock portfolio of other users using the company app.

    The firm’s app has been available for some time on Google’s Android platform.

    India is one of Google’s biggest markets in terms of smartphone market share, and the firm has been expanding its offerings in India with more than 30 online trading companies.

    The India app will be available on Android for now, and will eventually roll out to other platforms in the coming weeks.


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