Duluth, Minnesota – It’s the night before Christmas. 

    I’m sitting in my living room, surrounded by toys, and a family of six in my bedroom. 

    One is sitting in front of me. 

    The other, sitting across the room, is dressed in a pink and white Disney costume, his eyes wide. 

    He has just won a Disney trading pin. 

    There are other people who’ve won trading pins. 

    This is the moment when I realized that I was in trouble. 

    We’ve been trading trading pins for three years. 

    At the start of every trading season, I’d get in a queue. 

    “I don.t. know why.


    is. happening,” said Lisa, the other pin holder. 

    Lisa has lost her four-year-old daughter, Emily, to a Disney Trading Pin trade in 2014. 

    In November of last year, Emily and her siblings were on the couch watching TV when a Disney Pin was released. 

    I looked at the pin, and it said, “‘Disney trade,’ “Emily said. “

    Then I thought, ‘Oh, that’s cute.’ 

    I looked at the pin, and it said, “‘Disney trade,’ “Emily said. 

    When I opened my eyes, the little blue Pin was gone. 

    It wasn’t like a normal pin, like a Mickey, like there were any lines, it was just a little bit of blue, but it was gone.” 

    Emily was devastated, and she was distraught. 

    She knew that she couldn’t sell it, that it was stolen. 

    After Emily was found, the Disney Trading Board of Directors, along with the local police department, began investigating, and on November 18, 2016, a Disney insider sent Emily a tracking number that had her pin on it. 

    But Emily was still worried about losing Emily, and when Emily’s mother visited the Trading Board to sell Emily’s pin, they told her that she had to give the pin back. 

    As a result, Emily’s family was able to get Emily back, but the trading pin was missing. 

    That was a huge blow for Emily, as she now feels like she’s lost the girl she’s been so happy to play with since she was a baby. 

    Today, Emily has another pin to sell. 

    What she found when she went to the Trading board for her trading pin, Emily says, “it was like I just lost her. 

    All my life, she’s always been a part of my life.” 

    She said that it’s just so hard to be able to have a pin that has been lost. 

    On Christmas Eve, she was told by a Trading Board representative that the pin was not found, but when she asked what happened to Emily, the representative said, She’s not selling the pin.

    Emily said she has a number of questions for Trading Board CEO John Haggstrom about why the Trading pin was taken.

    “What happened?” 

    “The Trading Board did not receive notification of the missing pin,” a spokesperson said.

    After Emily received the tracking number from Trading Board, she contacted the Trading Pin Recovery Center, and the police responded to her house to help her recover Emily’s trading pin and the missing trading pin that had been given to her.

    While the Police said they couldn’t provide any further details, Haggstroes spokesperson, Julie Kupferberg, said that the Trading Boards “investigation is ongoing.” 

    “This is a serious incident,” said Kupfferberg. 

    So far, no charges have been filed, but Emily’s case has led to the loss of her four year-old’s trading pins, as well as the loss to her family of her daughter Emily.

     Emily’s mother said that her daughter was a loving, caring little girl. 

    Her parents have worked hard to get the pins back and, after losing them, she feels that she has lost everything. 

    (Warning: This article contains graphic images of Emily.) 

    “She was a sweet, sweet, funny little girl,” Lisa said.

    “I know that my loss is a huge loss to them. 

    Now, I’m just trying to keep Emily’s spirits up, because I want them to be happy, and they know that I’m very happy.” 

    What can you do if you’ve lost a trading pin?

    In addition to buying a trading pins back, Emily said that you can: Contact Trading Board and get a tracking code to help you locate your missing trading pins Contact the Trading Company and find out if they’ve recovered your trading pins and if they’re willing to return them to you (if they’re not) Find out if the Trading company will let you exchange your missing pins for trading pins you already have, and make sure you get your trading



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