A friend is a trading partner in the stock market.

    They help you track your portfolio, make a profit or even help you trade against each other.

    If they’re trading with you, they’re doing you a favor.

    If not, they are.

    Trading on the stock exchange is like playing a game of poker.

    There are rules to follow and you need to know them.

    Here are seven rules you need always to know when trading with friends.


    If you want to trade on the Stock Exchange, it’s best to know your trading partner.

    The best way to trade with friends is to contact them directly.

    But if you’re not sure, you can always send an email to your trading buddy.


    Your trading partner should be able to help you.

    You may be able see their name, their email address, where they are in the trading room or even where they live.

    They can also be in a hurry to trade, so be patient.


    They should have a plan.

    If your trading friend doesn’t know where he’s trading, they need to be ready to provide you with all the details.


    They need to have the ability to answer your questions and help you with the trading.

    They’ll also be able help you in case of any other problems.


    You need to ask them to trade before you open your trade.

    If there’s something that they can’t do, it’ll be easier for you to trust them.


    Trading with friends needs to be fun.

    They might not be as good at investing as you, but they can still help you get started.


    If trading is a priority for you, ask your trading buddies to help with the exchange process.

    They don’t need to get involved in the day-to-day business of trading, but if you feel they are a good partner for you then you might consider a trading session.



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