Sierra Trading was recently suspended for the second time in three years.

    The company announced that they would be taking legal action against the company.

    The Sierra Trading company, which was founded in 2002, has been in the spotlight of this past year for its alleged involvement in the so-called “black market” of forex trading.

    It was suspended by regulators in August for its illegal activity.

    The website has been linked to more than 600,000 fraudulent accounts and more than 10,000 illegal orders.

    The firm claims that its services are designed to prevent fraud and to improve customer experience.

    However, Sierra Trading says that its customer satisfaction has been low.

    According to a recent survey by the company, customers feel that Sierra Trading is “unreliable, unprofessional, and lacks credibility.”

    Sierra Trading did not respond to NBC News’ request for comment on the recent suspension.

    Sierra Trading has been active in the forex market since the mid-2000s.

    In 2008, the company’s website claimed to be the only company to offer the same service in the entire world.

    It offered its customers a way to buy and sell forex in real time, and it claimed to offer all of the products in the world, including the cheapest price possible for a particular stock.

    The Forex Trade website claims that it is not a bank, but rather a platform to make it easy for traders to buy or sell stock.

    While the Forex Trading website claims to be a broker and a platform, the site’s business model is unclear.

    The site also offers a tool to trade in the Forey Trade platform, which is a platform that allows you to purchase and sell shares of a stock.

    Forey Trading also allows people to sell shares directly to other Forey traders.

    This is an extremely complicated platform that requires the users to use a bank account to trade, and the Foreyt Trade platform allows people who are not registered with a Forey trading platform to trade without any registration.

    Foreyt Trading was one of the largest trading platforms for forex until Sierra Trading started taking over.

    Foreys website is a little more complex than that.

    The platform was built with the help of a few other Forex traders.

    According a lawsuit filed by Sierra Trading, these traders took over the website and took control of the platform.

    The lawsuit also alleges that Sierra trading’s employees were responsible for the illegal trading of the stock, which included the illegal orders for the stock.

    According the lawsuit, the Foreys executives “were not only aware of the illegal activity, but had been involved in it for some time.”

    The lawsuit claims that these executives were in fact responsible for a majority of the fraud, which resulted in Sierra Trading’s suspension.

    “The Sierra Trading employees who were responsible were also responsible for facilitating and overseeing the illegal trades,” the lawsuit alleges.

    “They were aware of illegal trades and did not take the necessary precautions to detect, stop, and prevent the illegal actions.”

    In the lawsuit filed against Sierra Trading by Sierra trading, it claims that some of the Foreyy Trading executives were paid in excess of $300,000 by Sierra.

    The lawyers for Sierra Trading are claiming that the executives were also involved in “misrepresentations of the company.”

    According to the lawsuit Sierra Trading claims that the Sierra Trading executives knew of the illegality of the trades and failed to report it.

    The companies website says that the Foret Trading platform is a legitimate platform that is used by thousands of people each day, and that Sierra traders have a reputation for accuracy.

    However the Sierra traders claim that the website is misleading and has been mischaracterized as being a scam.

    “It is false to say that the companies website is fake or fraudulent,” the suit says.

    “In fact, the website contains information that is true.

    Sierra trading is not run by any person other than the company that operates the platform, and has never been a fraud,” the lawyers for the Sierra trading claims.

    In its statement, Sierra traders claims that they have a “long history of being compliant with the law and have never engaged in illegal activity.”

    The website also states that it has “zero tolerance for any illegal activity” and that it will be appealing the suspension to the SEC.

    “Sierra Trading will vigorously fight the action taken against it and will vigorously defend its actions in the court of public opinion,” the statement reads.

    The attorneys for Sierra trading are calling on the SEC to take action against Sierra trading.

    “We will fight to protect the integrity of the market, the accuracy of its information and the integrity and trust of our customers,” the attorneys for the company says.

    Sierra traders said in their statement that the company has made a number of changes to improve its platform and that they are working to “make sure it remains an honest and trusted broker platform.”

    They also said that the site is not the same as Foreytrade, which has been suspended and is not as widely available.

    “This lawsuit is about a company that


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