You don’t want to miss out this Christmas as the price of beer, wine and spirits is going up, but it’s a deal that’s only worth the price if you can get it in a single day. 

    With the holidays on the horizon, beer bars and restaurants across Australia are opening their doors on a special day, offering a free sample of a special beer, along with a free glass of wine, or whatever else you fancy.

    A few of the top beer bars in the country will be offering samples, but if you’re in the area you’ll be able to sample up to five different beers from their selection, with a price tag of between $25 and $50. 

    For those of you who aren’t in the market for some holiday fun, the free sample will also include a free drink of their choice.

    Here are some of the best deals you’ll find on this special day:The Best Beer Bars In Australia: Beer Bar: The Caulfield Beer Company is offering a sample of their seasonal brew. 

    Price: $25 (2oz sample) – Free to all beer drinkers (2.5oz sample excluded)Tasting Room: The Woodbridge Beer Co will be holding a free beer tasting. 

    Cost: $75 (2 oz sample)Free to all beverage customersTasting room: The West Coast Brewing Co will also be holding their annual holiday beer festival. 

    (2oz samples excluded) The Best Wine Bars In The Country: The Brouwerij Beer Company will be hosting a free tasting of their holiday seasonal wine. 

    The beer tasting will be on Thursday night, with food samples, a bottle of champagne and complimentary beer samples to go along with it. 

    Cup of Sammies: Luxury wine bar The West Australian will be having a free Christmas Day beer tasting, while their wine selection will be limited to 5 bottles. 

    Bierkraft Brewery: A free Christmas day tasting of Belgian-style lambic will be held at The Woodford’s, and there will be free samples of their annual Christmas Eve wine.

    The Beer Exchange: Christmas is a time for enjoying a good beer, so here’s a free sampling of your favourite beer, with some wine and food to accompany it.

    Tasting rooms: West Coast Brewing and the West Australian Brewing Co are hosting their annual festive Christmas dinner on December 25. 

    Lights Out: Free beer, cider, and beer-battered fish will be served in all of the pubs that host the annual Christmas beer festival, while you can grab free samples from The Brougerij and The Woodburns. 

    Beer Exchange:  For Christmas Day, The Beer Exchange will be bringing the fun to their pubs in the form of free samples and free wine.



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