The following is a list of Pokémon trading pin sets from the Pokémon Trading Pin sets.

    This list is a work in progress and may change without notice.

    For now, this list is in no way complete, and will be updated as new pins are added to the list.

    DISNEY PINS FOR POKEMON GO:The following is the list of Disney pins for Pokemon Go.

    Blue Crab Trading Company:The Blue Crab Trading Co. is one of the first trading companies in the game and can be found on the trading board in Kanto and Johto.

    Pokémon Trading Pin Sets:There are many different types of trading pins available in Pokémon Go.

    Some are set up to allow players to trade a Pokémon, while others allow players who already own a Pokémon to trade it for another.

    Pokemon Trading Pin Set Description:These trading pins can be used to trade for one or more Pokémon.

    There are several types of pin sets available, and some are unique to specific regions.

    MIDNIGHT PINS:Midnight pins are set to allow a player to trade one of their own Pokémon for a different one that has been traded to them.

    The following are the locations of Midnight pins in the Pokémon GO world.

    Midnight Pin Locations:These are the Midnight pin locations in the world of Pokémon Go for the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other regions.

    These pins allow you to trade in a certain Pokémon that has not been traded before.

    For more information on these pins, see Pokémon Trading pin sets.

    NEW PINS IN POKES:If you find a new pin, be sure to check back on the following pages for updates.

    HITMAN PINS Hitspin locations in Pokémon GO.

    PokeStop Pins:Pokemon Go Pinball Pin Sets and other pins available for use in Pokémon Pinball games are located on these pin sets and can also be used for trading.

    LITTLE KID PINS The following pin sets are in the Little Kid Pin Sets.

    Little Kid Pin Locations and pin sets:These pin sets were made by a local mom who is working in her basement in a neighborhood called “Pikachu Town”.

    The pin sets feature Pikachu, a young girl, and the Red Balloon, a ball that gives the player an extra 10 points if it hits a certain area.


    Which trading platforms do you use?

    A month ago, we revealed which trading platforms users use to trade with each other, including exchanges, brokers and other businesses that do business with each platform.However, the information has been lacking as the Irish Financial Markets Authority (IFMA) has been unable to release data…


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