Introduction Of AGS Holding Company

AGS Industrial, Commercial and Construction Investment Holding was established and registered in companies registration office in Canada
, while designing new goals and perspectives, and by developing and expanding its activities in the area of joint venture, does official contracts and deals stocks with national and international companies(in Canada,Dubai, iran)and has continued its pursuit in the form of industrial, commercial and architectural investment holding.
This sets the institutionalization of passion, persistence and perseverance always been a pioneer and a source of new initiatives and the use of best human talent, its business scope has become the driving branding. Holding investments in AGS, contrary to jobs that only tells of the job, is capable of not only your valuable benefits in the economic sphere, but also their value in other fields, including culture brought to emerge.
Our sole purpose in the business is to provide the best.

Mission statement


We suppose us our competitors as our associates and assume us committed to honest competition with them.


We respect our personnel, at any level, and know their competence as basis for job promotion.


We assume us committed to protect the society's values and try to promote our society.


We guarantee natural sources & environment protection, so that future generations can also use them.


We assume us committed to investors' stocks cost protection and endeavor to increase it, always.


We assume us committed to fulfill legal egulations & know the government as our protector.


Investment Group

  • Direct negotiation with foreign companies and industries to contract joint venture with interior industries.
  • Communicating with international lawyers for business visa

Commercial Group

  • Consulting for the design of the restaurant along with providing all modern kitchen equipment and domestic brands internationally recognized
  • Importing (and exporting) all equipment, machineries and primary materials of substructure industries via direct negotiation with foreign companies & suppliers.

Construction Group

  • Designing, supervision and carrying out of steel & concrete structures
  • Interior designing and equipping modern commercial, official & residential complexes including shopping malls, food centers, hypermarkets and …

Oil and gas group

  • Supply of equipment and materials for petrochemical and refineries
  • Spare parts supply



News and Events


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Tel & Fax:  +982122956090
Email: [email protected]
Address: P.O.BOX 14515-471 , Tehran , IRAN