DULUTH, WA – A trading halt has been imposed on trading at a trading company that is not part of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

    The firm, trading halt trading, said it was not an eligible trading partner of the ASX on Wednesday.

    The company, Trading Halt Trading, said on its website that it was “a company that trades on behalf of a trading partner in Australia, which means we do not meet the ASI trading rules for trading on the ASU and do not have a registered office or trading licence”.

    The company’s spokesman said the firm was a registered member of ASH, and was not a trading halt participant.””

    We have a duty to ensure that our trading activities comply with the trading rules of the market.”

    The company’s spokesman said the firm was a registered member of ASH, and was not a trading halt participant.

    “The trading halt is being imposed on us as an eligible member, which is an interim measure until we can find a suitable trading partner to operate as an Australian member,” the spokesman said.

    “As we have been trading for the last two years, we are a registered trading participant and do have a trading licence.”

    If we do find a trading solution, we will be opening a formal application process for membership in ASH.

    “The spokesman said Trading Hanchasing was also a registered participant in the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZSTX), and the company was a trading participant in that market.

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