Donald Trump is expected to file his tax returns by April 18.

    His presidential campaign announced the move Thursday, giving the presumptive GOP nominee and his wife a chance to reveal their finances, which could shed new light on how the mogul’s business empire and his family are managed.

    The returns, which are expected to detail a tax rate of just over 28 percent, will also be required for him to take part in the 2020 election.

    Trump said during a campaign stop in Florida that he will not be disclosing his tax documents until the returns are filed.

    “I am not going to tell anybody.

    That will be in the tax returns,” Trump said.

    “If they are good tax returns, I will tell everybody.

    But it’s just not going be my thing.”

    Trump’s returns have long been a hot topic in politics, as they shed light not only on how much his businesses have paid in taxes but also on how his wealth has changed over the years.

    The real estate mogul and his businesses, which include the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York and the Trump Plaza in Las Vegas, have been accused of avoiding billions of dollars in taxes in the United States, including by avoiding millions in taxes on profits made in China.

    But the campaign of Trump’s Republican rival, Jeb Bush, has insisted that Trump’s business records are accurate.

    Trump has said his business has been “generous” to the U.S. and to foreign countries, and that he does not have any foreign profits.

    Bush has also said that Trump has paid taxes on the vast majority of his profits in the past 20 years.

    Trump, meanwhile, has said he would release his returns “very soon” as long as they are not public records.

    Trump’s wife, Melania, has also been asked to submit her tax returns for a third time.

    Bush and his allies have argued that the campaign is mischaracterizing the timing of the releases, claiming that the returns will not have to be released until after the presidential election, the last election before the U,S.

    presidential election in November 2020.



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